Teen Education Grant

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Grant description: $5,000 to fund theatre education for an autistic teen between the ages of thirteen (13) to seventeen (17).

The Autistic Theatremakers Alliance's grants are intended to financially suppport autistic individuals in their pursuit of a theatrical education. Said education includes—but is not limited to—acting classes, vocal training, dance lessons, educational materials, and tuition for educational programs.

NOTE: The teen education grant application must be approved and co-signed by a legal guardian of the applicant. All grant money awarded must be spent on the teen, in support of their artistic development.


The eligibility requirements for this grant are listed below.

  • Autistic individual
  • Must be between the ages of thirteen (13) to seventeen (17) on 1 April 2024
  • Application must be approved and co-signed by a guardian
  • Must reside within the United States or its affiliated territories


Required Materials

  • Personal information
  • Intended use of grant funds
  • An essay (300 to 500 words) or a video (10 minutes or less) answering the following question: Why do you love theatre?

Optional Materials

  • Supporting materials (recommendation letters, performance footage, etc.)
  • Application form